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The only marketing toolkit you’ll ever need

Progressive SEO

Ranking high on Google’s SERP’s is essential for improving your online presence.


We take efforts to make sure that you have a name in the market & your brand stays at the top.

Pay Per Click

Selecting the keywords that are relevant to your business is the key to successful PPC marketing.

Email Marketing

Emails help you communicate with your customers & keep track their queries.

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc help you reach out to your patients.

Mobile First Strategy

We aim to develop mobile friendly websites that help you reach the top of any SERP.

Video Marketing

Videos are comprehended by your audience much faster than content. We create videos that will attract your target audience.

Reputation Management

Our methods and strategies, ensure that your reputation would speak for itself.

Layout For Marketing.

The right components to bring in new patients.

Comprehensive Strategies. We unpack your brand to gain a deeper understanding of the practice, the team, and goals to build comprehensive marketing strategies which will help expand your business.

Market Research. We believe one of the key factors for a successful business is to understand the market. Market research provides important information to identify and analyse the market needs, size and competition.

Competitor Analysis. We study the competitor data gathered during the market research process and understand the companies you truly compete with. On the basis of this information, we build the marketing strategy.

Measurable Results. We are a data driven digital marketing agency. We periodically analyze data to make better and more informed decisions, which include measuring click through ratio, strategic call-to-action or improving page load speed.

Client Exclusivity.As an Emanate Solutions client you won’t have to worry about having the same website as a competitor or competing against them. We only offer our services to one dentist within a radius of 5miles.


Responsive Websites, keyword and data-driven PPC strategies, and measurable results to boost conversions and attract the relevant target audience.


We use all online marketing channels at our disposal such as SEO, online reviews, and PPC to attract new visitors (potential patients) to your website.


After you’ve converted web visits to new patients, we use social media & other marketing channels to keep you patients happy & engaged.


Using an Emanate Solutions conversion optimized website, we turn website visits into new patients using the best call-to-action.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Does it Cost?

We have great semi-custom websites & full custom options for every practice and every budget. Our marketing package pricing is designed to fit your individual needs and is reflective of the work being done. Our goal is to make sure both parties are extremely happy with the results.

Do you have any time commitment contracts?

We are performance players! We have no time commitment contracts on our websites or marketing services. We would hate for any client to be unhappy with our service and unable to do anything about it. If we don’t live up to our end of the bargain, you’re free to find another provider.

What does exclusivity means?

We will never work with a client’s competitor. Period. It just isn’t possible to promise one dentist the best in SEO services, and then promise the same to his/her competitor. Our services are “exclusive” to your practice, when you trust us with your business.

What is the hourly cost for update and support?

All of our website updates and changes are 100% free. In fact, we encourage modifications to your site! This means no more hourly charges quickly racking up to a hefty bill for one simple website change. We pledge to have all edits or changes done within 48 hours but generally have them done in a few hours of the request. We also offer free marketing support & consultation 24/7.

Can I measure the results of my success?

Of course! We plug every client’s website into Google Analytics and offer full reporting solutions. Each client can see measurable results with full transparency. This way you know just how effective our SEO and marketing solutions can be.

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