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Responsive Website For Medical Industry

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obile devices have taken over the world. As a result, there is an increased significance of websites optimized for mobile devices. The consensus is that people are now ditching their desktops, and are using mobile and tablet devices to browse through different sites. Therefore, if your practice does not have a website compliant with mobile devices, it is likely that you’ll lose out on customers.
Emanate Solution’s sites are not just pretty, they convert customers (though pretty is important, too). We know what’s now, and what’s important. We can help you build a cutting-edge site that reflects your brand and fits your budget.

At Emanate Solutions, we build websites that are responsive. A responsive website is where the elements should respond and rearrange themselves to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. Using responsive design ensures that our client never misses out on a potential patient, irrespective of the device that they use.

Responsive Web Designs

User Experience Design

A website with User Experience Design enhances customer satisfaction.

Get Endorsed

A site that is mobile friendly will guarantee endorsements by Google.

Optimized for SEO

Having one URL per page is proven to be the best technique to improve your SEO.

Easy Maintenance

Owning one website instead of multiple versions is cost effective and easy to update.

Conversion Optimized

Our websites are designed to attract potential patients and get them to take an action.

Client Exclusivity

We only offer our services to one dentist within a radius of 5 miles.

Unique website for your Medical Practice,
Your Website Speaks For Itself


wn a website that defines your brand and separates you from the others

Did you know? A user gets an impression of your practice based on your web design. Without an impressive looking and easy to use design, it will fall flat. Your web design should be able to describe what you would not be able to.

As 65% of people are using mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, for every task that used to be only capable on a desktop, your website’s look, feel and user experience matters for every device.

We bring your ideas to life with:

  • Color Schemes : We pick colors that would be in tone with your logo as well as the ones that appease you and the user.
  • Infographics and Images : A website with the perfect amount and quality images leads to higher conversion rates.
  • Easy-to-Fill Forms : Forms that are simple are an added advantage for user experience. Only ask for information that is necessary.

From startups to established practices with multiple locations, we have website packages for EVERY budget and need.

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SEO-Friendly for Google Ads


hen Emanate Solution builds websites, they are SEO-friendly. Our responsive design techniques help in creating one URL per page, which contributes towards SEO. It is essential at the time when visitors are sharing or linking to your site. All our page elements encompass attributes that are openly endorsed by Google.

Seamless Customer Experience


hy have a separate website for every device when all you need is one? It can be tedious in the long run to update these multiple versions. It has also proven to be cost ineffective. At Emanate Solutions, we ensure that our clients have a website that provides seamless user experience from desktop to mobile devices.

Websites that are Mobile – Friendly


s the number of people using mobile devices has increased, the need for websites optimized for mobile devices has also increased. People now use a tablet and mobile devices to browse through goods and services online. According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing through their mobile. In many places, the number of smartphones has exceeded the number of desktop computers. The same statistics apply to the number of conversions through mobile devices against desktop computers. Therefore, to enhance your online presence it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly device.

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