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Social Media Marketing

Better Patient Engagement and Brand Elevation

sing social media as a medium to connect with your patients is a great way to boost your brand. According to statistics, people spend at least an hour a day on social media platforms. Social media adverts help tell people what your brand is all about that increasing brand awareness. Once you’ve made your presence known, it is now time to develop a strategy that would keep the engagement with your followers alive.

At Emanate Solutions, we make sure your companies presence is made known. At the same time, we also work in sync with our clients to build the perfect strategy that would help bring in more followers.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

We just don’t create a page, we create a platform for your customers to learn more about you and update it regularly.

Twitter Handle

We create your account and keep it frequently updated so that you don’t need to.

YouTube Channel

Alongside Video Marketing, we offer services that include video editing, artwork, and SEO optimized videos.

Google Plus

We make sure your feed on Google Plus is as good as your brand and up-to-date.

Paid Social Ads

Paid ads do not involve any sort of responsibility, but we offer ideas and concepts to help you enhance your online presence.

RSS Feed

We make sure that your content is easier to share and has reached your customers and subscribers.

Raise Awareness and Generate Leads


aising awareness about your brand at its inception can be difficult sometimes. Content does help to some extent, but there are a lot of companies out there who struggle with making their presence known through content. If you have the right amount of posts and shares, that is when content works its trick. But marketing through social media is the new full proof way of making your presence known online and in a faster way.

At Emanate Solutions, we take efforts to understand and find the right market to generate the right ads on social media and get potential new patients.

You can achieve this through video adverts, photo adverts, link adverts and posting on social media.

Spread The Word Through Video Advertising


dvertising through videos to generate new patients is the effective way to go. It is easier to understand your practice and procedures through videos than text because it is easier to consume them.

According to sources, people watch videos online, with YouTube accounting for a majority of the views each day. What about video ads targeted geographically? Once we’ve gained a better understanding of the audience in your area and the market, we target video ads in an efficient way. As a result, there is an increase in conversion rates, and you gain potential new patients.

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