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Is your Marketing Budget being utilized to its
Full Potential?

Are you ready to connect with your potential patients in real-time looking for your services? That’s the beauty of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. Emanate’s Pay Per Click Solutions for the Dental sector includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Bing Ads and a lot more. We make sure every click counts.

Witness the steps to success that drives growth for our clients through our PPC campaign:

  1. Text ADs: An excellent source of high converting traffic is text ADs. Our strategy is to gain the highest possible ROI by targeting the right keywords at the right time.
  2. Display ADs: We boost message frequency and customer reach with the best available options to generate more impressions and advanced targeting.
  3. Retargeted ADs: We take a dynamic approach to retarget ads to customers not ready to make a purchase, with an intention to lead them to your website.
  4. Video ADs: Through appropriate utilization of video promoting channels like YouTube and the like, we ensure video content that will generate positive impressions and increase leads to your website.
  5. Social Media Advertising: Advertising on social media channels generates awareness among existing customers and help acquire new leads with a focus on ROI.

We structure our engagements around your KPIs.

What You Can Expect From Us

Content for Campaigns

We create content that is specific to the goals of your campaign and your practice along with targeting the right potential customers.

Budget Management and Bid Strategy

Our focus is to analyze competitors’ AD spend, keywords, landing pages and much more to establish that your bids are competitive and your ADs are effective.

Keyword Analysis

Our team of SEO specialists performs a thorough analysis of keywords and recommends them to achieve the best results for your campaign.

Landing Page Design

We ensure the landing page created is attractive and engaging to the potential patient that persuades them to take action – irrespective of whether it is for filling a form or booking an appointment.

Segregating your audience

Using the data collected on research to design campaigns specific to the audiences geographical location and device preferences and reach your target market.

Optimizing Performance

We conduct a thorough analysis and build campaigns that are suited for optimum performance and generate positive ROI.

What are the perks of PPC Advertising?

Benefits Of Pay Per Click Marketing
Online Exposure – 90% of the clicks by users are to sites that appear on the first page of Google. An SEM campaign is the most effective solution to get your website up on the first page of Google.
Rapid Results – SEM campaigns achieve results at a faster rate than organic rankings. You can bid your way to the top and rank above your competitors on the search results page.
Target Specific – SEM campaigns can be made target specific. It means that you AD campaign can be targeted to a patient searching for the target keyword or phrase. In this way, you’re only targeting potential patients looking for your services.
Measurable Results – Everything about an SEM campaign is trackable. Trackability ranges from reach to impressions to conversions and everything in between. The research data provides SEM experts with the most effective way of tweaking your campaign to achieve consistent positive results.
High ROI – Paid search plays an important role. You can set your own bid prices and budget for the same. The impact created by the paid search campaign is high, driving relevant patients to your site with a good ROI.

Personalized PPC campaign to achieve the Goals of your practice

Along with the benefits and ever-changing trends of PPC come the complexities. They increase every year. Achieve your marketing goals through forward-thinking plans based on various patient insights.

A properly managed Paid Search program achieves continuous incremental performance improvements by constantly mapping, capturing data, analyzing information, and delivering data-driven decisions. We are known for lowering cost while increasing your click-through rates (CTRs).

Using Customer Experience for Intelligent Marketing

A notion where PPC is just Google AdWords is false. PPC serves to be more than that. It is about the elements that contribute to getting better opportunities and the journey of the customer. PPC is about streamlining your practice and goals and acquiring new patients.

Our focus is to achieve the best possible results for our clients. With Emanate’s vibrant team of data analysts and optimization gurus, we ensure those results are achieved. It’s about the growth and success of your practice.

Making the most of your Advertising Budget

Paid search marketing has its own advantage. When a patient searches and clicks on your ad, you pay for that click only. Profitability is not just about identifying the right patients, it’s about targeting that patient at strategic points in their decision journey. The customers’ purchase behavior includes timing, knowledge, and environment and they are all predictive of purchase behavior.

We put strategies, technology, & systems in place that allow for the greatest precision in targeting. Then we track results and loop conversion data back into the system. It forms an iterative process with rewards for the best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Does it Cost?
We have great semi-custom websites & full custom options for every practice and every budget. Our marketing package pricing is designed to fit your individual needs and is reflective of the work being done. Our goal is to make sure both parties are extremely happy with the results.
Do you have any time commitment contracts?
We are performance players! We have no time commitment contracts on our websites or marketing services. We would hate for any client to be unhappy with our service and unable to do anything about it. If we don’t live up to our end of the bargain, you’re free to find another provider.
What does exclusivity means?
We will never work with a client’s competitor. Period. It just isn’t possible to promise one dentist the best in SEO services, and then promise the same to his/her competitor. Our services are “exclusive” to your practice, when you trust us with your business.
What is the hourly cost for update and support?
All of our website updates and changes are 100% free. In fact, we encourage modifications to your site! This means no more hourly charges quickly racking up to a hefty bill for one simple website change. We pledge to have all edits or changes done within 48 hours but generally have them done in a few hours of the request. We also offer free marketing support & consultation 24/7.
Can I measure the results of my success?
Of course! We plug every client’s website into Google Analytics and offer full reporting solutions. Each client can see measurable results with full transparency. This way you know just how effective our SEO and marketing solutions can be.
The right combination of SEO strategies can get your dental practice in front of potential patients, when they are exploring their options online.
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