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Social Media Marketing

Increase Engagement and Uplift Your Brand

ocial Media Marketing can help achieve your business goals. It also forms a medium for your brand to interact with your customers. The result is your brand has now received a boost. Advertising on social media can help you tell people what your brand is all about and increase awareness. As you have now made your presence known to the market, it is time to focus on patient engagement.

Emanate Solutions will devise a full proof social media marketing strategy to enhance your online presence. Further, we work closely with your practice to understand its goals and build a strategy to achieve them.

Social Media Marketing Services

Paid Social Marketing

Running paid social ads is not a necessity, but our ideas and concepts will help enhance your presence online.

Facebook Page

We create a Facebook page and conduct regular updates. It is also a mode for your customers to interact with you.

Twitter Account

We don’t just create the account but also update it regularly for you.

YouTube Channel

Our package includes artwork, editing videos and creating videos optimized for SEO.

Google+ Page

Your Google Plus page deserves to be in tune with your brand and updated regularly.

Share Blog Posts

By adding social media sharing buttons, we make sure that your posts reach the maximum number of people and are easily shareable.

Increase Awareness And Attract New Patients


nce you have established a practice, it is time to boost brand awareness. It may seem like a lot of work in the beginning. Brand Awareness through content does work when you have the right amount of posts and shares. Apart from content, social media marketing is the solid way to go. We take efforts to understand the audience in the market and around you to place the right ads and bring in new patients.

You can succeed through:
Video ads
Photo ads
Social media posting

Profess your Brand Message With Video Ads


ideo Advertisements work like a charm. All procedures are not understood by people through content. In this case, videos play a vital role. It is easier to understand procedures using videos than with text. Videos are also targeted geographically! When we have a good understanding of your target audience, we place those ads there. Further, this analysis helps increase conversion rates and attract potential patients!

Track your Marketing Efforts


e ensure the strategies that we form have measurable results. Likewise, your progress can be tracked on social media. Tools like Google Analytics helps you understand the posts that are bringing in more traffic and the ones that are not. Thus, a detailed analysis can prove to be useful in the long run. Considering these aspects early on and throughout the marketing campaign, can help improve the campaign itself.

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