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Recent history has shown a growth in Digital Marketing. It is now becoming a part of every industry in the market. Since the inception of WebMD and the number of people owning smartphones has skyrocketed, patients now look up to the Internet as the primary source of information related to health. For organizations that are trying to reach the top in the healthcare industry, keeping up with the latest digital trends within that industry is fundamental.

To keep up with these trends, here are some statistics that every marketer in the Healthcare industry should know (credits to source).

  • Google has revealed that 1 in 20 searches are related to health.
  • More than 40% of consumers state that the info they find on social media has a wider effect on the way they select measures for their health.
  • Today, 77% of US adults have a smartphone. Surprised? I think not.
  • 18 to 24-year-olds are more active on social media as compared to the age group of 45 to 54-year-olds. As a result, the former age group is two times as likely to discuss health-related issues than the latter.
  • The very same age group of 18 to 24-year-olds are likely to trust various medical groups on social media discussing health-related issues.
  • 19% of the health-conscious population have at least one fitness app, the ones that own smartphones of course. Translation, the focus of the healthcare industry should be strong on mobile devices, regardless of the size of the industry.
  • 60% of patients are in for virtual health visits, or telehealth. It has been executed for over a decade now and growing strongly.
  • Another recent study carried out by Mediabistro revealed that 54% of patients are more comfortable getting help from online communities to take care of their health problems.
  • 60% of the doctors also reported that the quality of care provided through social media is top-notch. Many doctors realize the authenticity and clarity offered through social media increases quality of care given by them to other patients.
  • About 48% of people complete their search on branded terms. Select your keywords wisely.
  • Social media is the new in-thing, right? Precisely why 31% of doctors, according to MedTechMedia, use it for networking. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other such applications have helped patients reach out to their doctors. Long story short, social media in health care industry is imperative.
  • Google Think Insights has also shown 119% yearly hike in the traffic on YouTube channels of hospitals.

As you can see from the above-revealed statistics that the digital marketing trends in the healthcare industry are changing at a steady pace. The key here is for your organization to have the best marketing strategy out there coupled with these latest trends.

Emanate Solutions keeps up with these latest trends and is committed to the healthcare industry. We take efforts to understand your organization and the industry, to design a marketing strategy and provide services that will give you the conversions you deserve.